iDisplay - Electronic labelling


Within the context of our joint »Enterprise Lab« project, Würth Industrie Service and Fraunhofer IML have developed the »iDisplay« system. This multi-functional and digital rack labelling system including an app is a milestone in C-part management on the way to Industry 4.0 and can be viewed at the Fraunhofer IML booth and, directly opposite, at the Würth booth. This mobile management system ensures the transparent exchange of data and information and replaces manual – and thus complex – labelling solutions. Plugged into a rack rail (patent pending), it transmits its position to an ERP system. Every subsequent change of position is recognised and reported to and visualised by the app. 
This system automatically updates the allocation of racks which also prevents errors occurring. An integrated pick-by-light function and notifications on the display guide the order picker and keep him updated on all important information at all times. Parallel to this, the app draws up a picking list, optimising the picker’s routes. Peak demands and exceptional requirements may be ordered on the display as well.  This system also facilitates refilling the containers. The app provides information about the status of the Kanban system and displays the required information for the system administrator in charge of reloading the containers.